95.00 USD

Intro to Solids, 1-Month Plan


It's a custom menu made for your baby where we add on 1 new ingredient every 3 days. Once you've purchased this plan online, our team will get in touch with you to collect the details and share the custom menu for your baby. We introduce allergens once the intro phase is complete.

Number of Meals:

In this plan, you get 7 meals per week (one for each day). When starting solids at around the 6-month mark, all you need is 1 meal / day. We gradually increase solid-food intake throughout the next 6 months, and we prefer that your baby always gets the required milk intake that's recommended for their age. 

Is Meal Repetition Needed for Babies?

While new research suggests that meal repetition is not needed, at Little Melly we like to repeat meals 2-3 days in a row for the following reasons:

1. Learning to eat is a journey, not a sprint. When first introducing meals, we want to take it slow and give our baby time to adjust to each new ingredient.

2. Babies thrive on familiarity. They feel safe and comfortable when they're approached with something they know. The same way kids love to watch the same cartoon 100 times over, babies enjoy eating meals they know.

3. We like to accustom babies to the home lifestyle in order to make your life easier as a parent. We don't cook something new for ourselves each day, so why get baby used to that? 

4. Babies actually learn to eat. It's not innate. They adapt to new flavors. The more we repeat, the more likely they will enjoy that ingredient. The NHS suggests that it sometimes takes 10-15 trials of the same ingredient before a baby accepts it.

95.00 USD