Frequently Asked Questions

All online orders for individual items are delivered within one business day! We usually deliver in the afternoons, and our customer rep will always speak to you in advance to confirm delivery details.

For new subscribers, meals are delivered once per week. Your first delivery will be the upcoming delivery date.

Choosing food to purchase for your baby works the same way it does with us: we need to look at the ingredients and labels. Baby food across the market has become infested with preservatives and processed ingredients.

At Little Melly, however, our jars are 100% natural, meaning we only use pure raw ingredients. No preservatives, no salt, no sugar, no flavoring, no additives. Just good ol’ ingredients, purchased from certified organic suppliers.

What does that mean? We are absolutely safe for your precious baby!

Fun fact: both Mama Melly's daughters, Melanie and Tiffany, fully ate from Little Melly meals.

At Little Melly, we use a variety of cooking methods, including steaming, boiling, and baking. Each ingredient has an optimal way to be cooked, so we assign cooking methods per ingredient. Ex: potatoes are boiled while broccoli is steamed.

We also ensure that the cooking temperature is not high in order to ensure that maximum nutrients are retained in each mix.

Little Melly meals are cooked fresh and sealed in glass jars. As such, our meals last 10 days in a fridge without any preservatives.

Little Melly baby food can be stored in a freezer if needed and then defrosted once. Before placing in the freezer, open the jar to release the vacuum seal. Then close the lide again and place in the freezer.

Definitely. You tell us how you'd like the consistency of your baby's meals, and we'll make it right for them! That means: smooth puree, grainy puree, mashed to bita, or cut to small pieces. We'll also help your little one gradually advance from one texture to another.

We love that our packaging promotes minimal waste and environmental friendliness! Glass jars are returned to us at each delivery where we wash, disinfect and reuse.

Without a doubt, we‘d like to raise our hand! Why?

  • A mom and her young daughters are behind the brand
  • We use absolutely no preservatives, flavorings, or processed foods. Only natural and fresh products.
  • We don’t compromise on nutritional value. Some brands use high heat & processing to elongate shelf life, and this majorly decreases nutritional value. We do not use high heat in our cooking or packaging.

We are organic-first, meaning organic ingredients are a priority. When organic ingredients are unavailable, we purchase the top quality of inorganic brands. Around 70% of our ingredients are organic.

Ingredients are mixed together in a way that facilitates and promotes the absorption of vitamins and minerals by the body.
For example, plant-based iron foods are paired with ingredients rich in Vitamin C so that the iron absorption is able to take place.

We call it an art and a science!

Lots of research has been carried out regarding whether or not microwaves are safe. While there is no consensus, we prefer and advise all our parents to heat their baby’s food in a pan. Read our blog post about this here.

Until one year of age, babies should not have any salt added to their meals. This is because their kidneys cannot handle more than 400mg of sodium per day, and sodium is naturally found in ingredients such as milk, water, beetroot, and more. Read our blog post about this here.

1. Choose your subscription package

2. Tell us all about your baby and any specific needs they may have

3. Set your first delivery date

4. Enjoy! We send you fresh meals straight home once a week. All jars are stored in a fridge and all finger foods in a freezer.

Check more details here.

It's very normal for babies to have preferences for some flavors/ textures over others. It can sometimes take babies up to 10 tries before they acquire a taste for it. Don't worry! Simply give that ingredient a rest and introduce it again in a week or so. 
Moreover, we work with you to understand what your baby is enjoying vs disliking in order to optimize the meals for them.

A diverse and varied meal plan is always the best idea. Too much of the same ingredients isn’t optimal. This is why we change our meal plans every season, and your baby will also be moving up meal plans as he/she grows. What we offer for each age group differs.

We’re always in season! Not only are we organic, but our meal plans only offer what’s naturally grown per season. This is how we account for seasonality and appreciate nature's beauty.

Yes! Recent studies show that an infant should be introduced to allergenic foods before they turn one year old in order to reduce the probability of being allergic to them. Whenever we first introduce an allergenic food to a baby, it's important to be on the lookout for any reactions that need medical attention.

Some meals are made to be eaten cold while others are meant to be heated. Generally speaking, fruity mixes and other breakfast mixes such as chia pudding are meant to be eaten cold. Lunch mixes and a few breakfast mixes such as oatmeal are meant to be warm. Think of yourself and how you would like to eat a certain meal - that will answer your question!

As per the AAP guidelines, babies should be purely on breastmilk or infant formula until they are 6 months old. At that time, when baby shows the cues that they are ready for solids, you can begin! Here are the main signs:

  • They can sit up straight and hold their neck up well
  • They show interest in the foods that you are eating
  • They are gradually losing their tongue-thrust reflex which pushes the food out of the mouth

Don't stress about how you'll feed baby on while traveling. We'll prepare a whole set of meals for the duration of your trip and freeze them for you. All you have to do is take out the meal you want each day.

You'll need a small lunch box with an ice pack. Plan to take this with you on the plane so that the jars don't break.

At this time, we don’t have a recipe book for purchase, but it is something we will think about for the future!

As per our food safety policy, any food item that leaves the premises cannot be returned. No worries though! If there is any issue with your order, we still rectify the order as needed.

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“Thank you so much Little Melly! Tristan is loving his food!”

- Supermom Jessica Azar