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My name’s Jennifer and I became mom to Melanie in 2018 and then Tiffany in 2021. When my daughters embarked on their food journey, it was immediately obvious how difficult it was to find healthy options let alone cook all the time.

Everything within me told me I had to create Little Melly. With lots of research, a whole new infant feeding diploma, and much more, today we sell our healthy baby meals and toddler snacks, but above it all we sell an experience: our mission is to give parents the confidence that you are feeding your kids right.

Say hello to Mama Melly

who was awarded MOMTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2022, by The Entrepreneur and MasterCard

A business with a mission.

Our purpose is also to make fresh baby meals accessible to all, even the less fortunate who don’t have access to a balanced nutrition.

You can also help us widen our reach! Feed a baby in need by donating today. To know more, contact us:

Our Values


Baby food shouldn’t last outside a fridge for a long time. Our meals are always short-lasting and in fridges.


Organic? We’ll tell you. Inorganic? You’ll know it. And no matter what, we buy premium and unprocessed.


We only sell food that's good for you. If there’s ask for an item we can’t “baby-proof”, we won’t make it.


In everything we do, there’s creativity - the meals, the processes and even the way we love you!

Organic-first. Fresh. Tasty.

Meet Our Board of Advisors

On a quarterly basis, we meet with our advisors who hold us accountable for what we do and also push us forward to accomplish future goals.

Mr. Mazen Moussawer

Expert in Brand Evolution and Sales Strategy

Mrs. Sandra Sarkis

Expert in Food Chemistry and Microbiology

Dr. Elie Choueiry

Head of Pediatric Intensive Care at Hotel Dieu Hospital

Mr. Constantin Salameh

Expert in Financial Advisory Services for SMEs

A Few Words From Our Family of Mums..