Your baby deserves the healthiest start to life.

And we’re here to help you serve them confidently!

Our purpose is to help you make the best baby and toddler feeding decisions for your home lifestyle. From support and advice to organic-first baby food and toddler snacks, we become a part of your entire kiddo's food journey.

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7 Meals / Week

7 Meals / Week

A few jars for when you're in need! Loved by parents whose child goes to daycare and by parents who cook occasionally.
14 Meals / Week

14 Meals / Week

Select new recipes for your baby each week! Both blended textures and finger foods are available for all ages, starting 6 months of age.
21 Meals / Week

21 Meals / Week

Choose how many breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes you would like for your child each week, and get your stock delivered!

Baby food is precious, and

we're committed to quality

Where food safety is of utmost importance

We're proud to be undergoing the ISO 22000 food safety certification! Food is critical, and we're serious about exceeding standards.

A concept inspired by little Melanie herself

Say hello to Mama Melly

- Jennifer Muller Mansour, the mom behind Little Melly
80% of an individual's brain is developed by the time they turn 3, and nutrition is one of the key players.

Give your baby the best gift of all: a healthy beginning