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You’ve probably landed on our website after tirelessly searching for sources on the market that would be nutritious and worthy of your baby. It probably didn’t take you long to realize that there are barely any, really…

My name’s Jennifer and I became mom to Melanie in 2018. At 6 months of age, I embarked on the food journey with her and quickly decided there was absolutely nothing on the market I would ever offer her. And just like that, I began to research, learn and cook all the meals for her.

Surprisingly, I fell in love with baby cooking. I was never someone who enjoyed cooking as a hobby. With Melanie, however, research and courses taught me how a baby’s first 1,000 days of life are so crucial for their development and that 80% of their brain is formed by age two.

I have to thank my own mama, too, because without her push, we would have never been here today. One night at a family dinner, we were talking about how many babies don’t get good access to nutrition… how heartbreaking! This is when I felt it a mission to get up and do something about it.

Today, we sell our products and services, but we also donate 10% of our returns each month to various trusted NGOs. Our mission is to make healthy and fresh baby food accessible to all.

Meet the founder, and Mom-in-chief, Jennifer

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A business with a mission.

Our purpose is also to make fresh baby meals accessible to all, even the less fortunate who don’t have access to a balanced nutrition.

You can also help us widen our reach! Feed a baby in need by donating today. To know more, click here:

Meet Our Board of Advisors

On a quarterly basis, we meet with our advisors who hold us accountable for what we do and also push us forward to accomplish future goals.
Mr. Mazen Moussawer

Mr. Mazen Moussawer

Expert in Brand Evolution and Sales Strategy
Mrs. Sandra Sarkis

Mrs. Sandra Sarkis

Expert in Food Chemistry and Microbiology
Dr. Elie Choueiry

Dr. Elie Choueiry

Head of Pediatric Intensive Care at Hotel Dieu Hospital
Mr. Constantin Salameh

Mr. Constantin Salameh

Expert in Financial Advisory Services for SMEs

Organic. Fresh. Tasty.

A Few Words From Our Family of Mums..

Meet Melanie, the big boss.

Melanie’s favorite meal by far is banana chia pudding. Within five minutes, it’s gone! Her most disliked food is avocado served in chunks. When blended, she’s totally fine with it, but she will NOT accept its texture in chunks.

Toddler update: Melanie now loves avocado chunks but dislikes the texture of chia pudding. Can you believe that? It’s amazing how we all go through phases of likes and dislikes. This is normal - fear not!

Carrots. Did she like them? Absolutely not! As a mom, I was very worried at first. Would she become the dreaded “picky eater”?

As soon as we got to mixing ingredients, however, things started to look up.

Our Introduction to Solids meal plan is a wonderful 5-week journey of veggie introduction. There’s absolutely no need to introduce single veggies every day. Questions? Call me today!

At the end of 7 months, her first two upper teeth appeared. Many parents think that the ability to chew is related to the number of teeth. Actually, no! Babies can chew soft foods without any teeth whatsoever. You’ll be surprised how strong their gums are. So don’t stress if your baby’s teeth take a little longer to show. Totally normal.

Continue with your food journey as planned.

“Thank youuuu Little Melly for existing!!!!

Best meals for babies, super easy and helpful service with an amazing team!

Love you 2em Melly! 😊💖✨”

— Supermama Clara Gemayel