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When can babies eat ketchup?

Jan 11, 2023Marilyn Sakr

You’ll be shocked to learn that there isn’t a source on Google that specifically states when it’s safe to occasionally offer ketchup to your baby or toddler. That’s why we’re here to help!

First stop, what is ketchup made of?

Tomato - distilled vinegar - natural flavoring - two types of corn syrup

The two types of corn syrup go to show how much sugar is in ketchup.

In fact, just one tablespoon of ketchup has around 4grams of sugar, which is equivalent to one teaspoon of sugar.

And let's be honest... if we're eating ketchup, we aren't limiting it to one tablespoon!

So, at what age is it "okay" to occasionally offer ketchup with meals?

Never before the age of two (we don’t offer any sugar before age two), and for as long as you can delay it.

Since ketchup isn’t a “need”, especially during a pandemic when we aren’t at birthday parties so often, we can always replace ketchup with other options.


It's hypocritical (and also ridiculous) to cut out ketchup but offer sugary drinks and other sorts of sweets to your kiddo. So, we're not here to say "no to ketchup!" instead "no to unhealthy habits"

And this isn't doesn’t imply that we want to offer our baby flavorless and boring food. There are all sorts of ways to flavor food.

What about for picky eaters?

Dips have been seen to help picky eaters explore their food more and be more open to eating.

Good news!

There are healthy options for that! Hummus, pesto dip, homemade tomato sauce, yoghurt, guacamole, and more.

When we do offer ketchup,

1) Read ketchup labels: Some categories of ketchup are replacing corn syrup with cane sugar

2) Portion Control: Instead of handing your kiddo the bottle, place a tablespoon on the plate for better portion control.

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