How to handle baby mealtime at family gatherings?

How to handle baby mealtime at family gatherings?

Jan 11, 2023Marilyn Sakr

When it comes to family gatherings, your baby is definitely going to be the center of attention! With all your family members gathering around your little one and rushing to see and get a hold of them, things can get overwhelming for you and your baby. Yep! The pressure is real.

But here's the thing, you have to put your baby first. To do so, here are some tips that will help relieve a lot of the stress that accompanies feeding your baby around family and friends.

Feed your baby before the family gathering

Try to feed your baby before going to the gathering or outing. Firstly, this ensures that they eat in a calm atmosphere, away from distractions (which is key!). Another great reason to do this is that they’ll be full and satisfied by the time you’re gathered with friends or family, which means they’ll be less likely to ask for food that you prefer not to feed (fried food, sugar sweets, and others).

Communicate your feeding approach and limits beforehand

Prior to the gathering, it’s helpful to set the narrative on how you feed your baby and how you don’t. You’ll save yourself a lot of hassle by not having to explain yourself in the middle of the crowds. Let some of your closer relations (like your mom) know your absolute no-no’s so they can support you.

Support from your spouse

Handling a baby all by yourself in a family gathering can be hard and overwhelming. Make sure that your spouse is helping you in taking care of your little one. And let him/her know about the boundaries mentioned previously so you can both be on the same page.

Stay on schedule

You definitely don’t want a cranky baby during a gathering, but such events commonly lead to crankiness because it disrupts their schedule. As hard as it may be, try to keep a consistent schedule to maintain your baby’s routine. This means eating and napping on time.

Look out for all signs

To avoid having a fussy baby during events and gatherings, try to spot all signs that might tell you how your baby is feeling. As a parent, you’ll already know when your little one is starting to get overwhelmed, so taking them to a quiet place for a while might be a good idea.

Quiet time with baby

Even though spending time with your family is fun, it can sometimes get a bit over-crowded and noisy. Loud noises make babies feel uncomfortable, so taking them to a quiet space will help them calm down and relax.

If you’re stressing about how to handle your baby during family gatherings, rest assured you’re not alone. As fun as they are, it is overwhelming for us parents since we’ll never know for sure how our baby reacts. Following these simple tips will help keep you and your baby happy and calm!

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